Posted by: richard | 5 November, 2007

The Visible Community: salt & light

On Mon 5th Nov we will study be studying Matt 5:13-20 in our session on “the visible community”

Jesus’s comments about salt and light are probably, in part at least, a warning to Israel that they have failed in their mission to bless all nations and have become a nationalistic, inward-looking community. The flip side of this is a challenge to the Christian Church, as the ‘new Israel’, to let our light shine before all men. The aim is that others may see our good deeds and praise our Father in heaven:

  1. What ways have you seen the Christian church be salt and light and a blessing to the wider world?
  2. What does our local church do well here – and where are its failings? Is there anything we can do about this?
  3. What about us as Passion Fruit? Let’s find a concrete way to shine together: come with a suggestion!


  1. Thanks everyone for the interesting session last night. The challenge to be salt “in the mix of life”, bringing out the “God flavours” of His character – love, faithfulness, mercy, justice, compassion, and so forth – to bless others; and to be light “on a hill” going public with the Good News is exciting and humbling. May we not become an insular religious club and always seek to bless the wider world in which we live!

    We discussed how at church there are some good forays into community life – the summer and Christmas fairs, the bonfire night, etc. – which have the potential to bless the wider community. But blessing is more than giving people a good night out! Somehow we need to abandon the sacred/secular divide here and let our community events bless people in the fullest sense.

    In the context of Maisons-Laffitte, this might include a bigger focus on welcome (treating people as people and not consumers of our ‘church product’), on prayer, and on providing people who are hungry for spiritual food to come across some at these church events. What a shame if someone comes to a church event and can’t taste those God-flavours!

    Anyone else have any reflections about what is means, concretely, to be salt and light, individually and corporately? This is pretty key for what Passion Fruit wants to achieve.

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