Posted by: richard | 6 January, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, dear Passion Fruities!  It seems that new year’s resolutions are out of vogue right now – it’s trendy not to have any – but now might just be a good moment to think of a specific area of our discipleship that we would like to improve over 2008.  Perhaps we can discuss this on Monday night. Have a think, and perhaps read this helpful post on making resolutions that are pleasing to God.

Second thing we can do on Monday is dream a little.  What might a transformative, missional, Christian community in Maisons-Laffitte look like? To what might the Lord be calling us?  Take the time beforehand to muse a little – don’t think so much as “where could we go from here” (a short term goal) but “what would be fantastic?” (a longer term goal).  We’ll then bring our hopes and aspirations to God in prayer on Monday.  I’m not expecting direct ‘words from the Lord’ (should I be? perhaps…) but rather to hear the Lord speak through our individual reflections, imaginations and longings.


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