Posted by: richard | 8 January, 2008

Cabinet reshuffle

Thanks for yesterday’s session. After my little monologue around pride, gifts and discipleship in the new year, we finalised our “Passionfruit Cabinet” of

  • Beki – organising Robbie and Nathan (Chief Whip)
  • Emma – prayer (Minister of Prayer)
  • Jenni and Isaline – hospitality and pastoral (Pastoral Ministers of Pasta)
  • Nathan – music (Ministry of Sound?)
  • Richard – overall sessions (Prime Minister ;-))
  • Robbie – group action (Minister for Foreign Affairs)

Well, quite. The idea is that each person monitors how we are doing in the designated areas and flags to the group when we’re slipping – as well as hopefully helping advance the group in these areas.

We also agreed to have an evening of praise and prayer once every month or so, and groups of two or three meeting monthly to advance our discipleship through goal-setting, accountability, support and prayer.

Our long-term vision (manifesto?) seemed to revolve around growth and openness, mutual support and discipleship. Here’s to all that!



  1. Sounds good to me…
    How is everyone getting on with their tasks I wonder…?

  2. I asked about doing a Sunday. T will think about it and get back to us.

  3. :o) Good job

  4. i have been praying more, and for our group.

  5. I propose that the Minister for Foreign Affairs should be sent on a fact-finding trip to find out how our brothers in Hawaii are progressing in the faith!

  6. Can the Minister for Foreign Affairs bring his spouse? If so, I second Robbie’s idea!

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