Posted by: richard | 15 January, 2008

Loving our enemies (2/2)

So what did we learn last Monday?  Firstly, we were reminded that this is (to quote NTW) “good news not just good advice”, and that we worship Jesus who showed us truly how to love, despite persecution, assault, legal attack and finally death on a cross.  This has to be the lens through which we look at this passage, and it should lead us to praise first of all.

We then questioned who our enemies are.  In some sense, it doesn’t matter: the point is to love everybody and go way beyond our normal boundaries of friends and family in really wanting the best for people.  But we also discussed the three examples Jesus mentioned in the previous passage (physical violence and insult; a court case; an oppressive regime). We then got more specific about people we find difficult: certain colleagues who may be trying to trample on us; even people in our Christian fellowships who we find it difficult to relate to.  Can we show abundant grace to these people and extend love even when it’s not reciprocated?

We discussed what love meant, and were brought back to Jesus’s example: forgiving his persecutors, not lashing out, acting in their best interests despite the circumstances.

Our challenge this week is to go and proactively be a blessing to those we find difficult.  Let’s report back next time!

Anything I’ve missed – add it as a comment as usual…


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