Posted by: Beki | 16 January, 2008


Ok so a rota for fasting, starting from this Sunday?

I don’t know what we decided, would we like to do it 22h – 22h, or 21h-21h or just plain midnight to midnight? Please comment. If we go for evening to evening, the fasting would start the evening before the day written, and finish the day written (ie Monday = 21h Sunday – 21h Monday).

As we said on Monday, you don’t necessarily have to fast food (esp Isaline!!) but I think it’s really important to choose at the begining how you are going to fast and stick with it like that to avoid making it to fit our wants if you get what I mean…

So here’s a rota idea, leaving Sundays, letting us change days every week…

Monday 21 Beki

Tuesday 22 Emma

Wednesday 23 Isaline

Thursday 24 Jenni

Friday 25 Nathan

Saturday 26 Richard

Monday 28 Robbie

Tuesday 29 Beki

Wednesday 30 Emma

Thursday 31 Isaline

Friday 01 Jenni

Saturday 02 Nathan

Monday 04 Richard

Tuesday 05 Robbie

Wednesday 06 Beki

Thursday 07 Emma

Friday 08 Isaline

Saturday 09 Jenni

Monday 11 Nathan

Tuesday 12 Richard

Wednesday 13 Robbie

Thursday 14 Beki

Friday 15 Emma

Saturday 16 Isaline

Haha and look how nicely that worked out… Isaline ends up on the 16th, so she still gets to eat at the wedding!

Feel free to make any comments…….



  1. Thanks beki! That looks great 🙂
    I guess we can always swap with someone if for some reason the day really doesn’t suit (ie. been invited out for breakfast, lunch and dinner!)
    And you’re fasting on your civil wedding day?! I’ll catch you if you faint!

  2. Lol it’ll help me slim down a bit to fit in the dress111
    Did someone sign me up for getting email alerts by the way because I got one about Jenni’s post there, and that didn’t happen before…..!

  3. I have never done this before and wouldlike some tips does anyone have any?

  4. Yes, we will be studying fasting in two sessions time or so and that will be pretty practical. Here is one approach:

    1 – decide what to fast about (we should really do that as a group tomorrow actually!)

    2 – decide how long the fast will last. One meal, one day, whatever. A full calendar day is probably a simple place to start.

    3 – decide what the fast will involve. For example, “no food, but soft drinks are ok”.

    4 – spend the time when you would be eating in prayer. When you are hungry turn the reminders of your stomach into reminders to lift your thoughts and prayers to the Lord. Thank Him that we don’t live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds from His mouth.

    Hope that helps. I’m not an expert though! But you did ask…

  5. Thanks for that see you tomorrow

  6. am struggling about finding the right fast : I could say “fast for one day about coffee or chocolate” but it doesn’t seem much because I know that it would be no pb for me to fast with this for just one day. What do you think ?

  7. What some people do, is just go down to a really basic diet… According to wikipedia… “The idea is not to suffer, but to use the experience to come closer to God, to realize one’s excesses, and to engage in almsgiving.” – it’s like giving up something that you don’t need, that’s excessive and pointless, and giving God that time, you see? So when you think about making a coffee, or whatever like that… or even just giving it up for a day in God’s name, and then making an effort to pray about what we’re praying about is fine – I may be wrong, but for me it is not important that I pray at the meal times when I would be eating otherwise, but that I rely on God all day, instead of seeking comfort in my food, and that when I am hungry I pray, when I have hunger pangs I pray, and that the day just be so so prayerful because you’ve devoted an extra thing to God….

    Makes me think I should fast everyday!!!!

  8. Good points. It could be a simple fast of bread, soup and water – and silence at mealtimes to create a ‘holy space’ in the day?

  9. So how’s it going for everyone???

  10. We’re group fasting from tonight (Sunday) and tomorrow, right?

  11. Yep yep!

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