Posted by: Beki | 20 January, 2008

Tomorrow night

It’s ten to 5 and there’s still nothing up for tomorrow night…

So Richard told me to get over it and look at the next passage and see what I want to think about. But I don’t have enough initiative to do that… I do however have enough to write a blog. So I figure I’ll put a blog up with stuff for tomorrow night… So here is the passage: Matthew 6:1-4. So what can we say about that?

  • What are your righteous acts?
  • What things (and how) would we be tempted to do in an “I’m righteous” way?
  • WHEN you give to the poor – not if… (just thought I’d say…)
  • How can we avoid doing them in this way?
  • What is the balance between being salt and light, yet doing things “in secret”?

Anyway, excuse me if my questions are rubbish – I’ve just done this off the top of my head… maybe I’ll read some commentaries and put some better questions up! …but the big dogs of the group aren’t doing it, so one of the young submissive members of the group has made the step……

Please add comments and questions and thoughts…



  1. I was just thinking about something Nathan and I chatted about the other day… about doing all the parts of a job… like when you’re in a worship group, it’s kind of dangerous ground (as preaching or leading) because you’re doing stuff up front and “getting the glory” for it – people tell you you were great, it’s almost performance like, as it is that sort of a role. And then you get some people who take part in this… and then don’t help clear up afterwards… This is the less enjoyable part of the job, where you’re not necessarily using the thing you are most “gifted” in, and you don’t really enjoy it, and want to say hello to people and stuff… Yet it’s the clearing up bit afterwards – Nathan was saying – that can help keep you humble, (or something along those lines anyway) and the balance between those two can help keep you grounded…

    Just thinking…!

  2. If I cover myself in sackcloth and ashes and beat myself because I forgot to write a blog post in time, and then tell you all about it, will I lose my spiritual reward? Ooooops 🙂

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