Posted by: richard | 30 January, 2008

The Hidden Way – generosity (2/2)

Doesn’t time fly – a week goes, and suddenly it’s hard to remember the specifics of our discussions. Note to self: do this earlier in future! We discussed how dangerous it can be to ‘do our piety’ primarily in public settings, and the need to maintain that one-on-one time with God. We also challenged ourselves to be “secretly and extravagently generous” in the coming weeks – have you done that yet? Don’t tell though!….



  1. I found several of my attempts to be generous thwarted by people trying to do the same!
    “You first”
    “No, please, you first”
    “No, no, I insist, go ahead”
    “Oh, no, I couldn’t possibly. Please, you first”
    Not a bad problem to have!!

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