Posted by: richard | 5 February, 2008

Food food food food

Fasting. Totally counter-cultural. In our world of “your product, delivered your way, when you want it”, of more/more/more, why the heck would anyone voluntarily feel hungry (unless they are dieting…) Next Monday’s passage (Matt 5:16-18) assumes fasting is part of the disciples’ life, so rather than focus on the particular point about secrecy (again, covered a couple of weeks ago) let’s spend some time thinking about the purpose and practice of fasting in our own 21st century lives.

Here are three short articles worth browsing

And for Nathan, from John Piper, some somewhat longer talks:

Now, you might not want to read all of these, but do dip into a few and mull over what is said about this practice which, quite frankly, we barely give any attention to in our Christian discipleship.

A couple of questions. I might think of some more later on… stay tuned…

Reflect on your experience of fasting.  What do you make of the practice?

Reflect on the way you seek ‘the satisfaction of the flesh’.  Is it worth trying to build some practices in our daily lives to avoid us being governed by the rumble of our stomach, the instinct to turn the TV/radio/computer on to fill a moment of calm, and so forth…


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