Posted by: jennigee72 | 18 February, 2008

A few unsolvables from last week!

Wooah! I was going to finally sum up what we said last week, but I see the discussions on predestination and free will have gone to another level!

Firstly I would say that it’s important to remember that we need to lay all this on the foundation of what we DO know rather than what we can speculate about. We are called to love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, and love our neighbours as ourselves. Obvious, I know, but the two greatest commandments overshadow all our speculations on unsolvable Biblical issues…

I still struggle greatly with the idea that we have no free will. I have read all Nathan has quoted and I agree that God guides and directs strongly, especially when we are in communion with Him, but I’m still not convinced we have no choice in the matter. Though, as Robbie pointed out, biologically we have no way of knowing what choosing to do something really means, so I’m happy to believe that God guides and directs our will, though He also allows evil to exist and even uses it for His glory. Let’s just say there was a spectrum of views on this subject, but since theologians have been battling this one out for centuries, we’ll maybe leave it at that and let passionfruitees battle it out in the separate post on predestination!

The topic of suffering came up under the umbrella of predestination, and whether or not it was worth praying for the terminally ill (for example). If I remember rightly, we agreed that it was definitely worth it as not only are there occasions when God answers that prayer in a physical sense, but He certainly can answer it in an emotional or spiritual sense. It seemed more about aligning how we pray according to God’s will. Hmmmm… sounds like predestination again, but let’s not go there!!

We also talked quite a bit about what forgiveness might look like in practise where someone has been severely hurt by someone close to them. We seemed to agree that forgiveness doesn’t always have to mean reconciliation, but needs more of a willingness to reconcile if the person who did the hurting genuinely wanted to pursue it. It doesn’t mean having to put yourself in a place where you know you’ll be hurt again either.

I think we briefly talked about confession too and I understood that we didn’t think it necessary to have a time of daily confession, though regularly confessing our sins enables us to come to God with a clear conscience, but not sin-free, which we will never be until Christ returns!

I’m sure I’ve left out something vital, so please post away!
(sorry it’s so late)


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