Posted by: jayne76 | 21 February, 2008

Food glorious Food

Below you will find the discusions had when we asked the following questions.

Why fast?
-To focus more on God.
-Guidance for something.
-For someone, can help intensify your prayer for that person.
-Aid us in the battle against sin (1 Samuel 7:6)
it is not for human gratification but to be rewarded by God Vs 18.

What can we fast?
You can fast a variety of things, you can do a compleat fast of food and drink or a partial fast just food, tea and coffee, alcohol. It doesn’t have to be food or drink you could do a T.V fast, internet, sex, it’s up to the individual. For some people giving upcertain things is more significant than for others.

Do you talk about fasting to others?
The passage says “when you practice some appetite-denying dicipline to better concentrate on God, don’t make a production out of it.” “God doesn’t require attention-getting devices.” (from the message)
We think there can be situations where it would be promoting God to talk about it. Some people just dont want to here about it and dissmiss it as silly, others may be genuinely interested, and as long as it’s not to brag it’s o.k to talk about it.

How do we transform our fasting time?
just because we dont eat it doesn’t mean we have more time, for some you can use the time normaly spent eating to pray or meditate. You could just spend your time being quiet to free your mind to listen to God. I use the hunger pangs as a kind of alarmclock to just spend a few minutes praying (helps to keep my mind off my hunger a bit too.)
You can choose a bible passage to read and reread in a type of meditation. When fasting it is important to make and spend time with God.



  1. Hope this worked!

  2. Looks like it worked OK! Thanks for the summary, hope it helps those that couldn’t make it …

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