Posted by: richard | 28 February, 2008


This week we discussed Matthew 6:19-24 and the subject of being focused on the things of God rather than the things of the world. Treasures in God’s kingdom (not ‘where you go where you die‘ but more expansively ‘where God reigns‘); eyes on the Lord rather than on the darkness; serving God rather than Mammon.

Imagery of the week came from Robbie; at every decision we can choose the right hand fork (God) or the left hand fork (Mammon). But let’s not fool ourselves that we can take a middle road at any stage.

A lot of the discussion ended up focusing on money, and how to deal with it… but also remembering that it’s not just about restraining the temptation to consume, but about being transformed so that we spend less time thinking about me, me, me and more time thinking about how to invest in the God-life.

A final word: I do wonder wether our discussions on Monday nights are getting a little bit general/abstract.  Let’s not just remind each other of ‘correct theology’. Let’s work out where we are on the road, share our hopes and failings honestly with each other, and encourage each other along the way through prayer and support.  How well do you think are doing on the “openness, accountability and practicality” scale? Feel free to comment below…


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