Posted by: robbiexgibson | 1 March, 2008

Don’t worry … be happy?

This Monday (chez Gibson again) we’ll be looking at the next passage in our series: Matthew 6:25-34. Oops, sorry, I meant Matthew 6:25-34 of course!

Well this is quite an easy passage isn’t it? Since God has predestined all things we can’t change anything that’s going to happen so there’s no point worrying about it.

The end.

Well of course, I’m being facetious: but whether we’re moist robots or have free will I’m sure we’ve all experienced worry at some point in our lives, or maybe you’re worried about something (or several things) right now.

A few points to ponder:

  • Where’s the line between not worrying and being irresponsible?
  • Is it OK to be worried about spiritual matters (that family member or friend who seems far from God, for example) but not secular things?
  • What are you worried about at the moment?
  • Are your worries coming between you and God?
  • How can we transform our worries?

I was looking for some helpful articles on the subject: feel free to post any you have found, but in the meantime here’s John Piper, as is traditional!



  1. Here’s a full sermon by John Piper, which has the same name as robbie’s link, but it’s actually a different, and more full exposition of monday’s passage. On the link, you can actually download the sermon and listen to it on you ipod or whatever other audio media device you may have.



    some reading for you.

  3. Thanks for links!

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