Posted by: jennigee72 | 4 March, 2008

No worries, mate!

Last night we discussed worry, and decided that there was a big difference between concern and anxiety. Jesus tells us not to be anxious, however having a healthy concern for something or someone which leads us to prayer and possible action seems acceptable and normal.

Jesus doesn’t say do not ever be concerned about anything (eg. he says, “Do not worry about… what you shall eat” or “Do not worry about… tomorrow”), but He asks us to trust in God’s provision for each day and the future and not to let that concern turn into anxiety that comes between us and God, us and other people, or us and God’s purpose for us.

When we are concerned about something, rather than dwell on it and let anxiety get a hold, we can prayfully find solutions to problems or admit that some things are not worth worrying about and that there are some things we just can’t do anything about.

We agreed that both spritual and secular concerns which develop into anxious thoughts are sinful as they come between us and God, us and other people, or us and God’s purpose for us.

The worries shared in the group varied from short term concerns to issues over long term planning for the future. We also shared worries over relationships with others and the well-being of friends and family.
A good question raised by Isaline that we didn’t really find an answer to was “Can having a lack of worry/concern for our friends and family turn into indifference or a lack of sensitivity?”

We agreed that, like doubts, concerns will come to everyone, more or less frequently and smaller or larger, depending on who you are! It’s what you do with them that counts.

Some positives to combat anxiousness:
– read the truth in God’s word
– pray (make an effort, as it’s not always a natural reation)
– try to see and accept God’s bigger plan
– share worries with others

A couple of positives to try to live so that we are less dogged by worries:
– read God’s word and pray regularly
– meditate on nature (as Jesus says, “Look at the birds of the air” etc.)
– try to have a childlike attitude to life

Sorry it’s a bit jumbled, but I was writing it down as we talked last night and have just edited it while Christopher’s asleep!


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