Posted by: mr.verite | 10 March, 2008

If you can’t read this, then you must be sinful…

What is our plank? – sin… But verse 5 says “first get rid of your own plank” – but we cannot get rid of our own… Must be humbled and aware of our sin and “planks”.

How can we keep our “plankage” under control? Accountability, the bible (letting it speak specifically, not just huge and doctrinally),

How to react around those clearly living in sin? – but so are we…

Judging = ? Acting upon what you have seen/noticed in someone? Saying something? How do the verses in 1 Cor 5:12 and 6:1-5 fit in with this? John 7:24 – “right judgement” – Refined judgement. Take the plan out of your eye so that you may see. Do not condemm. In this passage it seems that judging is referring to condemning as elsewhere in the bible judging is considered good and important, something we are called to do.

We are called to be accountable to one another and to guide people when they are not in “a good place”. Cannot be from a critical self-righteous view point, nor condemning, but in love with the other’s best interest.

Jesus is telling everyone they have planks.

Let’s get practical:

What do you say to your friend who’s getting drunk at a party? – Humility: Don’t think that you know the answer, that you know that the bible says this, and there is no contextualisation that will explain something else behind the facade of what’s going on. BUT it is important to disciple one another and to be ready to help someone get back into a better place, which requires much humility.

And what is verse 6 on about?!

Linked with v1-5…? Talking about nasty people and mockers (dogs & pigs). Pearls = Jesus’ teaching. Judge the situations – choose your moment. We are not called to search persecution, nor are we called to flee from it… But don’t waste your time.

Talk about GOD before talking about SIN. Why would people care about their sin when they don’t know JESUS?!?!

One version says: “Don’t waste what is holy on what is unholy.”

Let’s get practical again:

How do you approach someone and not be self righteous? How do you approach someone and not be legalistic? Why do we want people to live like this? To reflect God’s glory… because he’s called us to live like this, so that they can live in more fullness in the Lord – to gain God, ultimate happiness is in God so let’s go for it for HIM, not for man. Important not to get the mindset of “My way of living is better than yours, be like me”.

Paul’s “God will judge the non Christians” and verse 6 “do not throw the pearls to the pigs”, how should we witness? Talking to non Christians about what is wrong in their life is POINTLESS. The purpose is to teach them Jesus’ love. To love them.

How much should we be bringing God up in conversation, intentionally bringing it up? It isn’t enough to just show testimony by good deeds, it has to include proclamation of the good news, but how…?



  1. I hope this is intelligible to somebody out there!! 🙂

  2. Hmm I probably should have reread it…
    Not really my area of expertise…

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