Posted by: richard | 25 March, 2008

Upcoming sessions

We’re drawing to the end of the “Sermon on the Mount” series.  So what do we do next?  There was a general agreement last night that we change gears somewhat, get less academic and more hands-on.  Ideas included:

Exploring prayer more deeply – idea would be dedicate ourselves to a new way of praying each week. Perhaps doing it first in the session, then throughout the following week (or vice versa).  Aim would be to explore by doing it – praying, not discussing.

Another would be to study together “A Spirituality Workbook” by David Runcorn.  You can check out a review here and it also comes highly recommended by Elaine L.  Nathan suggested “If you want to walk on water get out of the boat”.

What about doing something practical together? Some kind of social justice thing?  But what…?   We could get in touch with Donner/Recevoir (M-L based group that visits elderly people living alone) for example.

Or we could focus on putting on some kind of thing for non-Christians / seekers / whatever.  Ideas welcome…

Please everyone, put your comments and suggestions and below.  This is an important decision for our group. So let’s brainstorm!



  1. From my last comment for this Monday’s session I think I’m quite interested in the practical prayer topic… it all starts with prayer really and I’m not in a place to throw myself into social action just now (though I’ll happily babysit if everyone else wants too!)

  2. On the plane on Tuesday I listened to a podcast that turned out to be all about prayer, and a read a chapter in a book that ended up being all about prayer too. I think I’m getting a message…

  3. Isn’t Holy Trinity involved in some refurbishing of flats to use for housing the homeless?

    I also heard that help is needed for the Christmas fête!

  4. I quite like the idea of doing something practical, not sure what there is to do in maisons laffitte? are there any homeless people? i also like the idea of praying and think that could be good.

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