Posted by: robbiexgibson | 26 April, 2008

Prayer II – Source of Joy

If you’d like to prepare a bit for the next session, you can start by reading John 12:1-8. The passage describes a party held in Jesus’ honour, presumably after the miraculous resurrection of Lazarus. The themes of joy and grieving are closely intertwined here: joy at Lazarus’ post-mortem healing and Mary’s joy at finding the presence of God; grieving for Lazarus’ death and Jesus’ future burial.

Now think about some or all of the following questions:

  • Think of someone you know whose company you enjoy: why do you enjoy their company?
  • Think of an activity you enjoy: why do you enjoy it?
  • What might be involved for us in enjoying God?
  • Think of a time of joy for you and a time of sorrow. Was God a source of joy for you in either of those situations?
  • In what ways are Mary and Lazarus centred on Jesus?
  • How does Jesus pay attention to them?
  • How might we pay attention to Jesus today?


  1. Shotgun first 2 questions:

    I like Nathan cos he’s fun and nice…
    I like going out for dinner because it’s fun and tasty…

    Better get back to revision…

  2. I thought you thought Nathan was quite tasty too…. so dinner and Nathan turn out to have the same attributes for Beki!

    I guess I enjoy people’s company most when (i) I can relate to them (ii) they are interested in me and seem to like me (iii) they have a different perspective on things that challenges/surprises/makes me think.

    Regarding activities I enjoy: they tend to be creative, often allowing room for imagination, often being a learning experience. Also the appreciation of beauty – listening to good music, going for a walk in nice surroundings, and so on.

    So I suppose interacting with God needs to have some of those characteristics too then, right? Interesting ’cause I don’t feel my prayer life is particularly creative/instructive. And seeing it as an appreciation of beauty is an interesting thought.

    I’ll try and post a bit more later…

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