Posted by: richard | 29 April, 2008

Prayer II – Source of Joy – Summary

Thanks to everyone who came and made last night our biggest Passion Fruit session ever! Hopefully it wasn’t too chaotic.

The session was about enjoying God and delighting in Him as we come to Him in prayer. We were reminded of Mary pouring out a year’s wages onto Jesus’s feet…

  • how much do we overflow with that kind of gratitude to Jesus?
  • how extravagently do we show it?
  • are we prepared to put Him before our own dignity?
  • do we remember Jesus wants US before our SERVICE?
  • Mary had lost – and then found again – Lazarus. How do experiences of grief and loss impact how we come to Jesus?

We were also reminded that we appreciated and enjoy people and things when we spend time / get familiar with them, or when they stimulate our thinking / creativity / imagination / love of beauty. Do we build any of these characteristics into the way we approach prayer?

We rushed the actual praying bit a little last night. The idea of the pattern that was introduced was to help us take natural steps into God’s presence by

  • thanking God for what we have received from Him (His gifts)
  • worshipping Him for what He does and who He is (His nature)
  • enjoying Him and offering ourselves to Him (Our response)

So do try to use this “Gifts-Nature-Response” pattern in prayer this week to ensure we start by seeing God and appreciating Him, rather than asking Him for stuff!

Taste and see that the Lord is good! (Ps 34:8 )


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