Posted by: richard | 30 April, 2008

Church Fete (31 May)

We were thinking a few weeks ago about how we could contribute to the church fete in a distinctive “good news” way.  Here are two ideas that have emerged around the theme of celebration (Christians should throw the best parties because we have a great thing to celebrate and announce!):

– we do a few songs – the PassionFruitBand! Nathan on drums, Richard on guitar, our string of wonderful singers on vocals – let’s rock!

– we bake some cakes and give them away – possibly with “fortune cookie Bible verses” within

I think these are both good ideas and propose we do them both. Passion Fruit, are you up for it?! Comments please…



  1. i think that sounds good would be happy to sing and make bible verse fortune cookies

  2. You know I’m always up for a sing song!

  3. Hey, how about doing la fete de la musique on 21st June?!

  4. Yeah, I’m ups. And how about Rev TW on bass?? Or someone else. We need a bass. Robbie, do you want to learn the bass??

    And Beki on keys!

  5. Not too sure about the singing bit, to be honest: isn’t that more or less what people expect from churchy people? I’d like to try something surprising, which is where the free cakes come in. It’s true that would would need a lot of cakes though …

    Of course, fête de la musique is another matter!

  6. About singing: if God inhabits the praises of His people, then if we get worship ‘out there and public’ then perhaps His presence will be more obvious too. And perhaps our kind of music is NOT what people typically expect from churchy people…!

    One doesn’t prohibit the other either – and it could be a good ‘dry run’ for fête de la musique too!

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