Posted by: richard | 4 May, 2008

Prayer III – Source of Light

On Monday we’ll be exploring the “knowing” bit of the seeing-knowing-going pattern of relationships. The idea here is to focus less on our shopping list of requests, but seeing prayer as the intimate exchange of knowing and being known. In other words, how do we make room in our prayer time to hear the God who speaks?

Two questions to think about in advance – sorry for the short notice:

  • What, from your experience, do you see as the most important thing(s) about listening to another person?
  • Can you recall any recent experiences of sensing God saying something to you? If so, how did it happen and what does it say about how we might best hear God?


  1. Where are the prep questions?

  2. They are there – you just missed them I guess and saw an earlier draft version…

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