Posted by: richard | 18 May, 2008

Prayer IV – Source of Wholeness

This coming Monday Tuesday A week on Monday we are continuing the theme of “reimagining prayer”, continuing to explore prayer as knowing God (in the seeing-knowing-going pattern of relationships). We want to consider how we can listen to God in and through the whole of life.

Some questions to get us started:

– who are you really able to be honest with, and why?

– what are the benefits and difficulties of trying to be honest in our dealings with others?

– what holds us back from being honest with God?

Also give some thought to your prayer life. Are you benefiting from any of the ideas we’ve examined in these last few weeks. If so – what and why? If not – why do you think that is and is there anythiing you can do at this stage to benefit more?

One final piece of homework: practise lectio divina on Isaiah 6:1-8.



  1. Tough questions…
    And with the risk of mooing, I’m most honest with people who I know (or believe strongly!) won’t judge / hate / act differently with me afterwards… And with people who are in a good place with the subject… (not sure quite what I mean there, but I’m thinking of like talking about marriage problems with someone who’s single and struggling with it, or something like that…)

    Honesty benefits? Well, honesty is just so important… Integrity, trust, character… all of these things come from honesty right? And no true relationship can be built if there isn’t honesty supporting it and strengthening it… It’s a firm strong basis right?

    The last one… I really don’t know… I think the main lack of honesty would be with regards to my ignorance about what I’m supposed to be honest about… I’m not really sure if I’m not honest, but I’m sure someone could point out to me a way!

  2. I wonder if we are not so much dishonest with God than selective about what we open up about. Perhaps we consider some things as suitable for prayer, and others not?

  3. I think that Richard has hit the nail on the head with “selective”.

    Of course, we can’t hide anything from God – “Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off” (Psalm 139:2), so does it boil down to being honest with ourselves and seeing ourselves as we really are, as Isaiah did, and stop making excuses for ourselves ?

    To reassure Mary-Lisa, I definitely don’t know the Bible by heart – I typed “downsitting” and “King James Version” into Bible Gateway. If you have time, read the whole Psalm over lunch – it’s beautiful.

    See you all tonight

  4. Thanks Gillian,

    I just read it. It fills me with wonder and joy.

    I agree that this is a case of coming clean with your self (myself, one’s self…). I need to pray for more discernment and less ego.

    xx, ml

  5. Ditto!

  6. Great comments from everyone so far – my head’s been a bit over the place the last couple of weeks so I’m only getting around to writing a post now!

    I think I’m most able to be honest with people who I believe are genuinely interested in what I’m saying ie. good listeners, I guess… If I get the impression that I’m talking and my words are falling on deaf ears I just clam up! I’m also not good at being honest with people who have very different opinions to me. However, if there’s an issue between me and a friend I feel compelled to deal with it rather than let it lie. I’m not good at letting things lie… ask Robbie (poor chap!) πŸ™‚

    The benefits of not letting problems lie in a relationship are (for me) that each time there’s a problem dealt with the relationship is allowed to grow a bit more which adds more depth to the friendship.

    I agree with Richard and Gillian that I’m probably selective about what I’m honest with to God, though I’m not really sure why… I don’t think it’s prayer suitability as Richard suggested, but more (coming back to what I mentioned earlier) that I don’t think that God would care or be interested. Maybe that’s the same as suitability?
    Also, some things I’m not honest about because then I know I’ll have to deal with them and I don’t want to!

    Well, that’s it from JenniGee72 for tonight! See y’all tomorrow at the Medcalfs πŸ™‚

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