Posted by: Beki | 21 May, 2008

The flags

This is what they look like… well, my camera is a little dead and the photos are done on my phone, so it’s not great quality, but this is the gist…

…although insead of having the verse on the back, it’ll be at the bottom, and the French on the back. 

Also, I cut these by hand and I’m not very good at cutting straight, but the real ones I’ll guillotine at work.  Keep the suggestions coming, but try and keep them short… John 3:16 for example is the maximum amount of characters possible… and maybe even that one might be too long.  Short and sweet! 





  1. Nice! Thanks for using the technology to give us a preview!

    I think we’ve got a good number of suggestions for verses already, but if anyone has any more than feel free to go ahead and add.

  2. A prctical post, this:
    3 different recipes (take your pick) and several flexible cooking molds for bite-size cakes are ready for use now. If 2 other bakers could each take away one of the molds and cook at least 90 cakes (there are 28 to 30 on each mold) for next Saturday, we will have more than enough for our ‘Love attack’. Ahem. Hopefully, there will be samples for you to try on Monday. xx

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