Posted by: richard | 29 May, 2008

Prayer V – Source Of Love

So having looked at prayer in the seeing and knowing parts of an encounter with God, we now turn to the going phase. A couple of questions and one piece of homework:

  • Prayer leads to action because we cannot with integrity pray for something which we are not also prepared to do something about” (Stephen Cottrell, Praying Through Life). What do you make of this?
  • Think of someone who takes a real interest in you. How does that person express this? What can we learn from him or her?
  • What does that say to us about our expressing God’s loving care for others?

Homework: come to next week’s session with a list of (global or local) issues for which you feel a sense of concern and/or a “burden for prayer” (jargon alert, sorry!). If you have particular people in mind, perhaps try to find a specific situation or issue related to them.



  1. Point one is a bit like James 2:18 – faith and deeds… You can’t sincerely have faith without it being shown through works…

    How long’s the homework supposed to be?!

  2. Well done o brave blog post commenter (where’s everyone else?!). Size of the list? Up to you. Between 5 and 15?

  3. My current “burden of prayer” concerns Mums & Tots for the coming september : to be able to welcome new mums and kids in a caring way!

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