Posted by: richard | 10 June, 2008

Everybody wants to change the world

Practical Ideas for Social Justice (Campolo, Aeschliman)So we’re all now equiped with the resource book that we’re going to use to start getting pratical (fruity!): Everybody wants to change the world, by Tony Campolo and Gordon Aeschliman.

There are 11 chapters, each covering a theme (poverty, prisoners, immigrants, environment, …) The plan is to take the chapters in random order, but starting with the Introduction and Chapter 1 on Poverty.

For each chapter, you will find:

(i) a couple of pages introduction (start of the chapter)

(ii) a number of example “Projects” that engage with the issue in question (remainder of each chapter)

(iii) a study guide (at the end of the book) with questions to reflect on and a Biblical passage to study

We’ll start by doing a session (‘Passion’) looking at the subject by means of the introduction and the study guide, then have another session (‘Fruit’) where we discuss the Project ideas and decide upon an appropriate action plan for us. We’ll obviously need to pace ourselves so that we don’t build up a huge mountain of incomplete actions!

Sound like a plan?



  1. Yes indeed it does!
    (Check me out… blogging before a Friday!! Now just gotta read the chapter!!)

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