Posted by: richard | 20 June, 2008


Sorry for being late and tired last session everyone.  We (you) talked about poverty.  Can someone blog the main outcomes and conclusions? It would be great if people can post their “take-aways” as comments.

Next session we will look at a practical response that we can take together.  Please read through section 1 of the book and prayerfully consider the projects mentioned.  Do any catch your eye? Which of these might be suitable for us?  Alternatively, do these stimulate any other project ideas that might be worth looking at?

Again, please do feel free to get the ball rolling on the blog.  For some reason the quantity of comments from everyone has died down recently.  (Beki, as ever, is a trooper!)



  1. That’s quite alright Richard – I think jetting off around to a million places and making it back here just on time for housegroup is fairly commendable really!
    I’m not so good on blogging the conclusions, but I thought I might blog a couple of things I’ve been thinking about recently…
    Even before Monday I was thinking about commerce equitable, and I was thinking of sending off for leaflets that I could give to friends and colleagues to encourage them to buy commerce equitable food… Would anyone else be interested in having some if I did??

    I like the supermarket idea quite a lot… but then whether that works as a one off or whether it involves long-term commitment I’m not sure… For the latter it may not be quite so appropriate… I’ll have another look through the book and get back to you!

    Anyone else got any ideas?

  2. I have been thinking a lot this week and i also happened apon a radio broardcast (franceInter) about people, some homeless but mostly old people who wait outside supermarkets for the bins to be put out to look for food. so i woundered if we could help with food distribution? accoding to the passage Gen:41:41 we have to act now for later it may be too late.

  3. There is the Fédération Français de banques alimentaires. Its only once a year they have a great web page
    ( we could think about donating our time to their colltection they said only 2hours of your time is a great help.

  4. Seconds for Emma’s suggestion about the Bank Alimentaire

  5. Regarding Commerce Equitable, you might want to check out or

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