Posted by: jennigee72 | 13 July, 2008

Mission Possible?

A bit of background to Psalm 15.

In the first verse the psalmist asks about eligibility for worship in the temple. In ancient times it was not unusual for a pilgrim to ask the priest who stood at the gate of the temple for advice on the requirements for admission. The priest at the gate would give advice on the type of behaviour expected of the worshipper. The pilgrim would have to decide for himself whether he was eligible to enter. In verse 5, there is the warning not to charge interest on money lent to fellow Israelites (the going rate among the local pagans was 33 1/3 % to 50%).


  1. Of all the principles recommended to those who wish to worship God in the holy temple (Ps. 15:2-5), which are the most difficult for you to obey?
  2. How should we interpret this psalm knowing that the New Testament tells us that we are saved by grace alone?
  3. Can you think of practical ways in which you can demonstrate Psalm 15 principles in your life? In your local community? In Holy Trinity?

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