Posted by: richard | 22 July, 2008

Psalm 21: recap

Last night God sent us an angel, dressed in white, who came to bring us encouragement and courage at an important time I think!  If you weren’t there, we’ll fill you in later!

We looked at Psalm 21 which turned out to be extraordinarily encouraging.  Some nuggets:

The battle is the Lord’s.  He is sovereign and it’s his job to bring victory.   We need to obey by “riding out” but the outcome depends on him.

Give the glory to God. When things go well, do we explicitly praise him? Do others around us know we give him the glory, or do we keep the glory ourselves by keeping silent? Robbie noted that simply saying “wow, thanks God” in French secular culture can be profoundly thought-provoking.

Verse 7 talks about putting our trust in the Lord and not being shaken.  So even when times are difficult, we can cling to Him.

We also saw that David’s categorisation of people as “friends” and “enemies” is very stark and only appropriate when you have a real clear and conviction regarding what God is calling us to do.  A reminder for us to prayerfully seek clarity about what God is asking us to do and to distinguish between God’s ideas and our ideas (and timescale).


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