Posted by: richard | 10 September, 2008

La rentrée!

We’re back after the summer break!  Last night we looked at Colossians 1:1-24 as a reminder that:

– the gospel has power, comes to us “yelling and shouting”, and is bearing fruit and growing…

– Jesus is the image of the invisible God and the firstborn of all creation… it’s all about Him!

– we need to ‘lay the foundations’ of our group and our church with prayer (see Paul’s prayer here as an example of ‘investing in the community’ through prayer).  It’s not an inward forcused thing. If we all prayed in this way for our group and our church, think what a blessing we could be to the wider world.  Let’s see if we can all dig deeper foundations of prayer for Passion Fruit this year.

We are planning a pattern of two weeks of ‘Everybody wants to change the world’ sessions followed by two weeks of ‘contemplative’ evenings (praise, prayer, study). Next up – chapter 2 of the book (evangelism).


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