Posted by: richard | 11 September, 2008


Next Monday we will be tackling chapter 2 of the book, which is entitled Evangelism: Proclaiming the Good News.  Please read the chapter in advance. If you have time, you might also like to read the book of Jonah (4 chapters)

A few questions for reflection – please add your comments to this post so we can get thinking about the subject before the session:

  • Many of us give lip service to the idea that “mission is important”. How does that idea manifest itself in our daily lives?
  • How do we convey God’s concern and love to people who are outside the family of faith?
  • How might we be insulating ourselves from those outside the Christian community?


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  1. I was especially inspired by the story of the strickers and the church that welcomed them and prayed with them. I am not sure exactly what ‘going outside your comfort zone’ is all about though.
    Also, it strikes me that, some of the best discussions I have with people outside the church about how faith is important are with my muslim colleagues… (sp??)

    See you tonight!

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