Posted by: richard | 30 September, 2008

No no, no no no no, there’s no limits…

Last week I raised the idea of how we could become more open and outward-focused as a group, and suggested a few ideas:

1. Meet as a group, in our homes, fortnightly rather that weekly – and use the other week to pair up and develop “missional” expressions of faith “where life happens”.  Mums and tots, down the pub, whatever.  Making it easy for other people to join and take part in exploring faith together, rather than requiring them to come to us in our homes at the time we prescribe.

2. Meet in a public place (café, whatever), some or all of the time.  May require some sacrifice on the part of the parents or the group as a whole to share childcare responsibilities and miss certain sessions.

3. Organise specific events to welcome others

4. Just invite more people along




  1. Wot no comments?

  2. I wrote quite a long comment but it doesn’t seem very coherent so I’ll talk to you about it over beer and once it has coagulated I’ll get it down in writing …

    For the moment, let me just say that the title of the post should be
    “No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no, there’s no limits” so you’re missing 50% of your noes!

  3. Watching the news and seeing some snippets of Sister Emmanuel’s life has really challenged me about reaching out to others and being more confident about this Hope we have, especially as I didn’t even know she existed until she died, which is probably a tribute to her humility…

    I wasn’t there when you talked about it and I’m not sure now is really the time for me to think seriously about being outward-focused (!), but as we now have another Christian coming to Little Fishes (Rachel), I’ll certainly pray for practical ways of further bringing Christ to the people who come along there (fyi, I don’t think it’s possible to do something extra on the Tuesday morning).

    I’m also up for organising events and inviting people along, though as you don’t want to host it in church I’m not sure how that would work, or what type of event is appropriate (evangelistic? social? a mix?).

    I’m definitely up for inviting more people along to P-F and wonder if the “off-week” you mention could be a more un-churched-person friendly week in a café or in that person’s home. Try as we might, I think we’re still a churchy group with churchy vocab, which is fine for now, but to reach out more we may need to tone it down a bit…?

    Just some ideas to keep you all thinking!

  4. One last thing, I now have a rather large email list (over 80 addresses) for young English speaking parents in the area which I don’t want to over-use, but could possibly be used to invite people now and again to an event (parent focused? family friendly?) if that’s helpful…

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