Posted by: robbiexgibson | 21 October, 2008

Saying and doing

Last night we looked at Mark 1:21-49. The passage raised a few questions for us:

  1. Why did Jesus not allow the recipients of miraculous healing to speak publicly about it? (The “Messianic Secret” that Gill referred to in her comment from yesterday – sorry, I’ve only just seen it!)
  2. Jesus seemed to regard preaching as his primary task, with practical work (inasmuch as miraculous healings are “practical”!) coming second. Should that be our model today?
  3. After hectic encounters, Jesus took himself away from people (must have been an Introvert, right?) What do we do to recharge our batteries? Do we know when it is time to come out of the wilderness and engage?

And some preliminary answers:

  1. a) Commanding demons showed authority over them

    b) Not allowing demons to speak means that God’s work is judged on its effects and the word of God, not the word of satan

    c) Clamping down on media leaks let Jesus set the agenda more effectively

  2. Well, saying and doing go hand-in-hand of course. Does anybody think they do too much of one or the other? “Preach the gospel at all times, and when necessary use words.
  3. Different people seem to recharge in different ways, although apparently when kids come along recharging is less about partying and more about sleeping!

Please dive in if you were there last night and fill in all the bits I missed. And it’ll cheer Richard up to see lots of comments!



  1. By the way, I used to think that preaching the gospel was all about standing on street corners and shouting. Then I decided it was more about living in a Christian way. But I realise there’s a danger that living “like a Christian” becomes “living like everybody else and going to church on a Sunday”, so maybe I need to do more preaching? Or will I just end up “living like everybody else, going to church on a Sunday and annoying people during the week”?

  2. Again, I wasn’t there last night, and I wouldn’t like to comment on how annoying Robbie can be during the week 😉 but I for one am more of an introvert and recharge on my own. So my personal challenge is balancing recharging with coming out of the wilderness and engaging with others.
    I really like Gill’s comment about caring for others being a natural response to how God loves us, but that we need to do more and ensure others develop their own response. Quite often I get stuck at the first part, and, like Robbie says, I then end up “living like everybody else and going to church on a Sunday”.
    So on a practical note, I think that I should pray daily for opportunities to speak to others about God’s love and for courage and wisdom to do so when that opportunity arises.
    Any other ideas about what I can do would be more gratefully received!!
    (Got to stop now as it’s 1.45am and although I can’t sleep, my body is telling me that it would prefer to be horizontal again for a while!)

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