Posted by: GreenRuby | 15 November, 2008

He had no home

When we met on Wednesday evening, it became quickly apparent that we needed to spend our time together in prayer. In preparation, we evaluated where we were at that moment spiritually and then thought about different ways of incorporating our love for Christ into our daily pattern of living.

We then prayed for each other, for our group, for our church and for the world. One of our concerns was about the commercial aspect of Christmas; Richard played us a song by Rich Mullins about Jesus being a homeless man. Recentering on Christ. That is what we did.

Next week we will continue reading Mark’s gospel (2:18 to the end of the chapter… and beyond?) and learning more about what a homeless man’s love for us means.



  1. was good just to have a time of prayer and i got an answer to mine yay.

  2. hey, what answer? tell more…

  3. I’m guessing you guys have been praying for us as I have felt very uplifted the last couple of weeks 🙂
    Could you pray for patience in feeding especially as it’s going quite well but could be better…
    Should be able to host next week all going well…

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