Posted by: richard | 19 November, 2008

Incarnation party!

On Monday we talked about having a Christmas party – Incarnation party – St Lucy’s festival of lights.  Suggested date is Satursday 13 December (after the nativity play).  Idea would be to celebrate Christmas – as Christians we should throw the best Christmas parties!  So make it distinctively Christian (as opposed to folk-religion) but make it attractive and enjoyable by all – so we can then each invite a couple of guest (non-Christians or people at church that might be interested in PF).




  1. A great idea! That date suits us fine. What time are you talking about?

  2. Probably early evening … just after the nativity play ! We talked about having mulled wine, and maybe chilli con carne (for incarnation party !) + christmas delights of course as mince pies, etc

  3. So a few things to think about in preparation for Monday’s session:

    – who do you want to invite (we’ll make a list)
    – what food and drink shall we serve (we’ll divide up the tasks)
    – what creative and inspiring things can we do to celebrate Christmas, God with us? I’m thinking poetry, drama, …
    – ditto for the decorations! And music.
    – should it be for families or mainly focused on adults? Will have an impact on all the above!

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