Posted by: richard | 23 November, 2008

Crowds and conflict

On Monday we’ll take a look at Mark 3.  Lots happening, so do try to have a think about the passage beforehand (sorry for the late blog post…).

One theme is that of conflict.  With the Pharisees and Herodians (v6), with disease and evil spirits (v10-11), with Jesus’s own family (v21), with the teachers of the law (v22).  Why do you think Mark is focusing so much on the conflict and controversy that Jesus stirred up?

Another theme is of calling and naming.  Jesus gives some apostles nicknames (vv16-17). What nickname would/should Jesus give you?  Note that we – if we are ‘doers of the Word’ – Jesus’s mother and sisters and brothers (v35). What encouragement!

The final theme is one of crowds (vv 7, 9, 20, 32).  There seemed to be something immensely attractive about Jesus. Where have the crowds gone now?



  1. Just popping in for a nose at your blog! Looks like fun! See you soon hopefully!

  2. Ho ho! Hi James – thanks for popping by! Indeed, hope to see you soon!

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