Posted by: richard | 16 December, 2008

New Year’s Resolutions

We had a very nice raclette last night (with some lovely red wine) as a bit of an impromptu Christmas party.  We reviewed the year and thought about directions for 2009.

Getting practical: Highlights for the year seemed to revolve around when we got practical and organised things (the ‘cakes and flags’, the Christmas ‘incarnation party’) so we should continue to do that.  Need to find the right number, and not get overloaded, but for the record we mentioned the following possible events:  the global banquet in Lent, an Easter party (smilar to the incarnation party),  something in the summer either around the Church Fete or around Fete de la Musique, something in the rentrée,  another Christmas party.

Contemplation: The Sermon on the Mount and Mark were ‘hits’; the series on Prayer slightly more ‘hit and miss’ (though everyone had seemed to have taken a couple of things from that series).  We thought that using a study guide would make it easier to share the load of running the sessions and provide more “outside input”.

Prayer: We thought we were a bit light on prayer in the  Monday sessions.  Suggestion is to alternate “praise-eat-do” evenings with “eat-pray-do” evenings.   With the “do” component either being a Bible study or organising something practical for example.

Discipleship: We also discussed accountability and growth in discipleship.  Thought it would be good, monthly, to review how we are all progressing in a couple of key areas (as defined by each of us individually).  Perhaps do this in groups.

Blog: The blog came up too.   It’s fallen a bit into a monologue, with little in the way of comments.  We asked ourselves “is it necessary” but concluded it is helpful as both a pre-session primer and as a post-session resumé.  We decided best practice should be to put up the “pre-sesion” article by the Friday before the session, and the “post-session” article by the Wednesday following the session.   People shouldn’t be worried about leaving ‘deep comments’ but instead try to leave a quick thought:

  • before the session, perhaps post a question or a difficulty with the passage, something you’d like to raise, to help the leader tailor the session to the group.  No need to necessarily answer the “questions to ponder” in the blog – you can do that if you want but it’s also fine to leave that to the session.
  • after the session, perhaps jot down the “take-away” from your perspective.  What have you learned, or what do you want to do differently from now on?

Book: We also agreed to go forward with the study book on Mark.  It will cost about £8 (€10).  Any objections to me buying you one, let me know.

Growth: We reaffirmed that we can keep accepting members and indeed would like in future to grow to the stage where it would be feasible to divide into two smaller groups.

I think that about covers it.



  1. I think I ate too much raclette, I slept really badly last night!

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