Posted by: richard | 6 April, 2009


Tomorrow night (Tuesday!) we’ll be having a ‘waypoint’ session.  The objective of these sessions is to provide a regular pause in our corporate and individual lives to reflect.  Here are a few things to muse over:

Worship.  It’s all about Him…. and that includes ‘waypoints’.  In other words, I realised that waypoints aren’t there primary to focus on ‘my life… my concerns’ but on living to ‘the praise of His glory’.   In particular, I’d like us to think about how worshipful Passion Fruit is as a group, and how worshipful we are individually… are we on fire or luke-warm?

Contemplation.  Kind of related to worship, but how much space do we have in our lives (and in the life of the group) to be still and hear God’s voice?  I wonder whether Contemplation/Action may have become Discussion/Action which is close but…well, no cigar!

Growth.  Spring is a time for new life and new growth.  What new things do you discern God is doing or calling to – individually, as a group, in our church(es), community,…?



  1. So we didn’t quite get to the waypoint (coming this week)….

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