Posted by: jamesnrachel | 25 April, 2009

The Mystery Urges…

Preparation for Monday – has anyone got the soundtrack to ‘Mission Impossible’?  Might have to find it on the web….  I think we’ll need it as the ‘mood music’ for this chapter!

Having meditated on Mark 13 last week, ‘now it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts of it’, as Dr Frankenstein said, opening his deep freeze…

So, obvious things to do for Monday (so obvious I normally dont do them!)…

Read the chapter, Unit 7, it’s gripping stuff….!  With some nice suprises methinks!

Do have a ponder about the questions at the end.

My own tuppenceworth to reflect on at this point…

I’ve heard prophecy described as standing on a high mountain top describing the mountains ahead and below – what you see is a series of peaks in the distance, without being able to see the distances between them – ie, you could be looking at several points at differing distances, all compressed into one view.

With this in mind, in this passage, is Jesus talking about imminent events, or further off events, or the end of time….. or all three?

If Jesus wasnt saying all this to scare us and the disciples, what was his purpose???

See you all on Monday 🙂


PS  Additional optional homework – rent the DVD ‘Armageddon’ and watch it.  Only joking!


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