Posted by: richard | 24 May, 2009


Tomorrow is a waypoint.  The idea was to punctuate our lives with these, roughly monthly, sessions to reflect on our long term Christian growth and pinpoint those areas where Jesus is calling us to follow Him more closely.  To do that requires a long term perspective that we can’t just get from turning up to a session and discussing “what’s going on now”.  So I’d like to suggest that we use a new format for this and forthcoming waypoints.

We each come ready to share “upwards, downwards and outwards” perspectives on our Christian walk:

  • Upwards (growth): in what areas of my life do I sense God calling me to follow Him more closely, obey Him more faithfully or trust Him more deeply? Are there areas for confession and repentance?
  • Downwards (roots): in what ways do I sense God is asking me to deepen my roots through Bible study and prayer, and other spiritual disciplines?
  • Outwards (service): in what ways do I sense God is leading me to bring His good news to others, and what gifts do I sense Him calling me to use to serve others? Who is he asking me to reach with His love?

Please jot down ideas on these three aspects before tomorrow’s session.  They aren’t the kind of questions that it is easy to ‘wing’ at the last moment!

We’ll share our thoughts on these in our small groups – everything said staying confidential within the group of course – and pray them through.  But we’ll also keep a note of these so the next waypoint is not a totally disconnected discussion but a follow-up and tracking of these same areas.  The idea is we can encourage each other to faithfully respond to God’s call in various areas of our life.


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