Posted by: jamesnrachel | 2 June, 2009

Thank you all so much!

For some reason I cant cut and paste our email into the blog posting editor, so it’s in the comments section below…!



  1. Hello all!

    Well, what do you know….!

    I only said to Robbie last night that we are relying on the tooth fairy to meet our outgoings at the moment, and lo and behold…. she seems to have made a suprise visit!

    Well, of course we dont REALLY believe in the tooth fairy, any more than father christmas (bah humbug!), but I did notice a certain somebody passing by our street when I came back from my morning run this morning (more evidence of fairy tales there – I ACTUALLY went for a run this morning!), but in the interest of good children everywhere, the tooth fairy’s identity shall remain a closely guarded secret!

    We have only just checked our mailbox tonight, and we are speechless……. thanks so very much to all you extra special tooth fairy wonderful friends of ours! We’re embarassed and at the same time so very touched and grateful! Every little helps – so being so generously given what amounts to rather a lot helps even more! Again, we’re speechless!

    In fact, it’s encouraging on several fronts… this month we did have to draw on funds that would normally have been housekeeping funds in order to meet the more major outgoings, so the nature of what the toothfairy left behind is perfect – thanks! And gosh, what a posh toothfairy, we normally shop in Ed and Franprix, so courtesy of our fairy godmother we get to shop in Carrefour! Certainly doesnt feel like hard times, more like a step up in the world! Who’d have thought it!

    And talk about timing – we have just been given some money by my dad which I felt to tithe on, as its ‘income’ after all – and we discovered this lovely suprise literally within an hour of having done that. How about that! On that subject further, we really do believe in being blessed to be a blessing, that’s what keeps God’s love and provision doing the rounds among His kids here on earth – there are a couple in our church who work as volunteers with the homeless, they are americans and dont qualify for any social security here at all and live totally by faith – they are about to have a baby this month! With your permission, may we pass on a little of your largesse to them? We’re not in a position to be able to bless you guys back so well at this moment in time, but being able to do this for people even more hard up than ourselves helps us remember how fortunate we are really!

    Well….. that’s a lot of gush for someone allegedly so speechless….!

    Thanks again so much! Not just for this, but for all your love, friendship and support and encouragement as well. As outreach is such a focus, well, the good book does say ‘by this shall all men know that you are my disciples, that you have love one for another’.

    We cant wait to get back to more normal times, just to be able to bless you all back somehow! I think we’ll have to throw a party or something!

    Till then (and I have an interview next week in Switzerland, and am awaiting an interview date for another long term contract here in Paris)

    thanks, and lots of love from us!

    James, Rachel and William.

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