Posted by: richard | 2 June, 2009

The Mystery Solved – Contemplation

Thanks M-L for taking us last night through the reflection upon Jesus’s flogging, crucifixion and death.   Powerful stuff. So that our thoughts don’t slip away from us, let’s capture them here as comments…



  1. For me the particular angle that struck me was the mocking comment “you saved others; now save yourself”. But he didn’t: he died. Only when God raised him three days later was he vindicated as the Son of God and saviour of the world.

    So what do we feel when we are mocked for our faith, or when God fails to ‘turn up’ at the moment we expect? Are we ready to faithfully hold on to the hope of our future resurrection, when we will be vindicated as His children? Or do we cave in and try to justify ourselves?

  2. The particular angle that struck me on this passage was the power of the mob against one man, alone and not even willing to defend himself.
    Made me think again about my lack of courage to defend the oppressed and pick up the fight. Ok we are sponsoring Amnisty international but I have never written to anybody to defend a specific case … make me feel I am in the crowd, maybe not laughing at Jesus, but staying mute …

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