Posted by: richard | 23 June, 2009

Heading into the summer (and beyond!)

Following our discussions last night, the plan currently looks like this:

  • Next TUESDAY 30th June – final Mark module (venue: M). Will do it all in one session.
  • Monday 6th July – no session
  • Monday 13th July – no session (pont)
  • Monday 20th July – Wrap up of the Mark series, and waypoint (venue: G)
  • Monday 27th July – something fun in the sun (venue: G)
  • August – no sessions
  • Restart probably on Monday 7th September

Options for the rentrée:

  • Helping out with Emmaus/Alpha
  • Opening up a limited-duration series on a topic (e.g. Lifeshapes?)
  • Sporadic welcome events
  • Serving on the coffee rota (M-L to organise us!)
  • Another IBS series?  Options are 1 & 2 Samuel, 1st Corinthians, 2nd Corinthians, Acts, Esther and Ruth, Exodus, Genesis, Hebrews, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Job, John, Luke, Mark, Matthew, Philippians & Galatians, Psalms, Revelation, Romans.  Votes please! I would suggest we tackle an Old Testament book (to balance the New Testament focus of the Sermon on the Mount and Mark) and my vote would be for Exodus as it is a fundamental part of the story of God’s covenant purposes for His people.


  1. I agree with Richard that it would be good to study an Old Testament book, but my vote would be for Isaiah, to include the prophecies relating to the Messiah in the run-up to Christmas (is that corny?) and to have an “ideas-based” series in contrast to a “narrative-based” Gospel. However, I can see that Richard is looking for a Cecil B de Mille moment :

    (Are those orcs at 0:37 ?)

  2. Thanks Gill for your ideas. Yes, a good film is an important asset!

    Well, actually I would say that Exodus has at least as much to say about Jesus as Isaiah…. and we get quite a lot of prophesy stuff at Christmas as it is. For me Exodus is about going back to our roots as the people of God and understanding the enormous influence Exodus has on the entire Story in which we find ourselves as Christians.

    Looking at the leaders’ guides on I must say Exodus – or Jeremiah, say, if you want a prophet – excite me more than the Isaiah one (Isaiah: 60+ chapters in 10 studies, so it’s bound to be a quick dash indeed).

    Have a look at let’s continue to discuss. They’ll all probably be great. Or we could do something else totally – I have a couple of thoughts on that too!

    Anyone else want to weigh into the discussion?

    • I would also like to do an OT book. I am more drawn to 1&2 Samuel, because of the ideas about kingship. That said, I am sure that whatever we study in the end will be very enriching.

      • Oops! Forgot to say that I am also very interested in the life shapes course. This one looks very interesting indeed.

        Gill, I think tehy are orcas! Yikes!!

  3. The life shapes course attracts me a lot but I wonder if it would be better to tackle a Bible book direcly (Exodus ?) than to have a conversation centered on me/us (life shapes ?) ?

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