Posted by: richard | 29 July, 2009

The Mystery… Summarised!

So we’ve completed our look at the Gospel of Mark.  Here is my take on what we learned in each unit.

The Mystery…

The cry of joy about Jesus Christ! The time is now – repent and trust in the Good News!

The disciples – and us – are called to be WITH Jesus  and to DRIVE OUT DEMONS (fight evil) with Him.

Sow! Sow! Sow! Don’t give up!

Jesus truly IS Lord – of every situation.

Seeing clearly comes from following, picking up our cross.

Our stewardship of what God has given us is the basis for our spiritual authority – Jesus is the ultimate example of this.

Stand firm, keep your eyes on Jesus and your feet on the path of discipleship, even in tough times.

Jesus stands on trial now as then, but silently rises above our petty accusations.  Peter let Jesus down – and so will we – but he was restored by grace and so are we.

Jesus was totally abandoned on the cross.  We would have abandoned him there too.  we need to own our part in His death so we can rejoice in His defeat of it.

Jesus is risen but not here! He has gone ahead to minister and asks us to join Him.  We get no glimpse of glory until we follow!

Overall, Mark seems to present us with the good news and a stark challenge to follow, really follow, the risen Jesus:

The good news: the Kingdom of God is near! Jesus is Lord! He offers us grace even when we fail! He was abandoned and rejected but overcame it and rose from the grave!

The challenge: Repent and trust! Sow! Sow! Sow! Pick up your cross! Stand firm! Use what God has given you wisely! Follow the risen Lord to where he is ministering and join Him!

Wow.  The time is now.



  1. Thank you for this, Richard.

    WOW, indeed.

  2. i think that rounds it off nicely thanks.

  3. More thanks to Richard for the summary and for organizing the programme throughout the year. I was surprised that Mark, which I had thought of as a “narrative” Gospel had so much deep material. I suppose that this is an example of Luke 24:45 – “Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures”. Anyway, have a great summer and see you in September for some new adventures

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