Posted by: gillianbarratt | 17 September, 2009

The Oppressed: Upholding the Downtrodden

Hi everyone

This week (Tuesday 22nd September) we will be returning to “Everybody Wants to Change the World” with Section 5 – The Oppressed: Upholding the Downtrodden.

Here are a few things to think about in advance :

Who are the “oppressed” in our society” ? The inhabitants of the “jungle de Calais” ? Seasonal workers in farms and vineyards ?

What lessons does Jesus give us about how to respond ?

If you have time, read Chapter 4 of John’s Gospel (here).

Finally, two musical interludes : this …..

……… and this.

See you on Tuesday




  1. maybe the oppressed are even closer to home?

  2. Incredible aria Gill ! I was really moved by this video of the Messiah. They are dressed up like business men and it made me realised that some of the downtrodden can just be some colleagues at work who have experienced a kind of shame, despisement from the others when their project has not gone well.

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