Posted by: richard | 5 October, 2009

Yummy tasting oppression

Time to get personal.  Chocolate.  A staple of Passion Fruit.  And, as we know, the source of much oppression in the form of human traffiking.  So we do eat (mostly) Fair Trade Dairy Milk and other products during our meetings, which is all good stuff.  But perhaps we could take it a bit further and try to change the sytem itself through a bit of campaigning?

See to find out a bit about the subject.

Campaigning works.  Six weeks after launching STOP THE TRAFFIK’s March on Mars campaign, Mars made an announcement:   They have promised to make their GLOBAL product range traffik free by 2020, starting with Galaxy bars in the UK and Ireland next year.  Mars are giving a short term commitment with Galaxy bars while  STOP THE TRAFFIK keeps asking for evidence of long term, global change.

So how about Nestle?



  1. Following yesterday’s session, this post gives the links you need to (1) get informed and (2) write to Nestle. A reminder:

    The overview is at

    The detailed fact sheet is at

    The “take action page” is at

    The link to the Nestle campaign is

    Let’s do-o-o-o-o it!

  2. P.S. Addresses are:

    Nestlé France
    7 Bvd. Pierre Carle
    B.P. 900 Noisiel
    Marne la Vallée
    F – 77446

    phone +33-1-60 53 21 00
    fax +33-1-60 53 29 31


    Nestlé UK Ltd
    St. George’s House
    CR9 1NR
    United Kingdom

    phone + 44 (0)20 8686 3333

    Or their contact/email form is at

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