Posted by: richard | 22 October, 2009

LifeShapes – summary

So we’ve covered all eight lifeshapes now.  A circle of repentance and faith, a semi-circle of work and rest, a triangle of relationships, a square of priorities, a pentagon of ministries, a hexagon of prayer, a heptagon of life, an octagon of mission.

These are not meant to be eight balls to juggle simultaneously, or eight plates to keep spinning constantly, or eight more things to add into your busy diaries.  They are meant to be eight reminders to live a passionate life of following our Lord Jesus.  You may find yourself prompted to focus on one shape now, and then perhaps in several weeks or months or years another shape will come in to focus.  Seek the Lord on this: use the shapes as visual reminders of the comprehensiveness of the life of discipleship.

The shapes’ strength is their visual nature.  So let’s use this strength and get practical! Why not:

  • scribble the shapes on various pages in your diary, to remind you of them in the weeks to come
  • draw them on post it notes and stick them around your home
  • learn to see the shapes in the world around you, and use them as prompts as you go about your life
  • think of other creative ways to benefit from their visual aspect

What about you?  How do you think you can use the shapes on an ongoing basis in your life?  Add your thoughts as comments to this post, so we can all benefit.

The lifeshapes are simple enough to be shared with others on the back of a napkin (or beer mat!).  So why not teach the concepts to others – perhaps starting with your small group, prayer partner, or family? As we have seen throughout the shapes, discipleship is a communal as well as individual activity.   We need people with whom we can discuss our walk with Jesus, our challenges, our Kairos moments, our looking for persons of peace, and so on: the “in” dimension of the triangle.  At Passion Fruit, we will use the lifeshapes together on an ongoing basis to think about our spiritual growth and development.

If you found these posts helpful, I strongly suggest you purchase Building A Discipling Culture by Mike Breen (buy from Amazon here).  The book goes through Life Shapes in detail and explains how best to introduce them to a Christian community.


— Continue the discipleship and mission conversation ! —

Thanks for visiting! We have found Life Shapes really helpful in creating a culture of discipleship and mission as our home group has made the transition to an outward-focused missional community.  Why not follow our new adventures on (or via Twitter or Facebook)


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