Posted by: richard | 2 December, 2009

Incarnation party 2009!

Following on from last year’s party, time for this year’s version…

We’ll have it at the Gibsons’ this year. 4pm to 7pm on Saturday 19th December.  Kids welcome. Here are my initial thoughts – please comment/blog suggestions and improvements below:

  • Invitations: Please can every individual or couple bring along one or two adults (plus kids)?  Start inviting now or people won’t be free!
  • Food and drink: suggest mulled wine, soft drinks, mince pies (if we can get some)
  • Music:  I can bring my iPod ‘non-cheesy carols’ mix if I can plug in somewhere to the Gibsons sound system..?
  • Decorations:  advent wreath + candles – we can light them throughout the evening again?
  • Main event:  could do the same as last year if we invite different people!  Or something new – please all try to find some ideas as it is not easy…

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