Posted by: GreenRuby | 9 December, 2009

The God of Life

We were looking at 3 chapters from Ezekiel : 37 through 39

First we thought about the Israelites in exile who had lost all hope and considered what situations we might’ve encountered that seemed hopeless. There were various suggestions including incurable, painful illness; frustration; difficult relationships. We noted that there is a difference between depression and despair.

Chapter 37
When Ezekiel is carried to a valley filled with dried bones, he trusts that only God knows what is possible. He is obedient in speaking God’s word to the bones and in calling on the wind. The wind is actually the breath of God breathing new life into the bones, His people Israel. (and why hasn’t this been made into a movie? with special effects?!)
Thanks to Richard, we have a link here

What a vivid illustration of the power of God’s word and the Holy Spirit! Just reading this text, one’s mind is filled with images of power and awe. True life is only in and through God. He wants us to live again, to leave the grave of our old lives and be regenerated in Him.

Ezekiel shows the people that God is faithful and good. He will unite His people and will live among them as their shepherd/king. We see in Ephesians how God plans this not just for Israel, but for all men. The Messiah comes! (hey, we are in advent after all…)
Expect the unexpected!

Chapters 38 and 39
In this chapter we saw that God will protect His people. God brings enemies (Gog from Magog) against Israel and then protects Israel. God’s true purpose is to show that He is absolutely great and completely holy.

In talking about this several comments came up: The worst possible outcome in a situation can be used by God. Grace will be given to us when we are in a place to receive it. We talked about how our perspective had changed when we became Christians with a new life and a new family.

We also talked about Christians who are living in difficult and dangerous situations because of their faith. We felt that the message here was to trust and obey and hold steadfast, and God will use this for His glory. He has given us armour as Rachel shared in a story earlier about a pastor who was jailed for his faith: he later said, “In prison I realised that we have the mightiest weapon given to us by God – prayer.”

Some verses that were suggested to encourage and help us to keep our eyes on Christ:
Hebrews 12
James 1:2-25
Romans 5:3

Final word: Trust and obey!!


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