Posted by: richard | 10 December, 2009

The God of the Future

This week we concluded our tour of Ezekiel by looking at Chapters 40-48, focusing mainly on the images of the restored temple and the river flowing from the temple, witha brief touch on the restored land and city.

The vision of the perfectly planned, restored, and God-dwelling temple – symbolises God’s presence, God’s rule, God’s glory and holiness, perfect worship/sacrifice and forgiveness, the restoration of God’s people into the covenant blessings; overall it symbolises the hope of God With His People. Hooray we say!

We looked at the various layers of fulfilment of this:

  • Jesus – the new temple, built in three days after the judgement of the second temple he enacted by the cleansing scene.  God’s glory revealed; God living among us.  Praise to Him!
  • The Church – living stones (2 Peter), temples of the Holy Spirit.  We talked about how God is building a perfect temple for his presence in our own hearts… and of the moral obligations that lays upon us.  We found this an awesome idea – this temple being built in our own hearts! God living in us.
  • New Creation – God finally with His people, his perfect presence and rule in the world.  The ultimate hope of the New Earth and resurrection. God living with us!

We looked at the river flowing from the temple -bringing life and healing. And saw the link to Jesus promising the Holy Spirit (rivers of living water), and the river of life coming from the throne and the lamb – bringing life and healing to all the nations – in Revelation.  Blessing coming out from God and His people! A future of life and healing.

We need to remind ourselves of God’s promises to encourage each other when we lose sight of this big picture.

This led on to our response.  Firstly, gratitude (God’s presence in the temple is God’s gift of grace; by ourselves we only manage the first, idolatrous and God-abandoned temple). Secondly (1 Peter 3:8-15) lives that reflect we are his temple and are awaiting the ultimate joy of His constant presence (living in harmony with others; repaying evil with blessing; suffering for doing right; setting up Christ as Lord in our hearts).


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