Posted by: robbiexgibson | 14 January, 2010

Mission for everyone!

On Monday night we left behind the thorny issue of the central or off-central position of mission to look at our own personal mission experiences.

First of all we noted that individual mission and corporate (small group, church, …) mission are inextricably linked. Individual mission activities that operate within the context of a wider awareness of mission seem more natural and are more likely to be mutually sustaining. That is, if the people around us have a missionary outlook we are encouraged in our missionary activities; and our own attempts at spreading the word can also, in turn, encourage those around us. (This works on lots of different levels – for example, small groups can encourage individuals and vice versa; but small groups can encourage congregations; congregations can encourage dioceses; etc.)

We then looked at our own recent experiences of spreading the gospel. We found two main testimonies in our lives – a distinctive pattern of living that invites comment (although maybe we aspire to this more than we achieve it); and talking about our involvement in Christian community. This definitely fitted in with the quotation in the book: “If they’ll listen, tell them; if they won’t, show them“. It was encouraging for us to see that we are already in some small way engaging in mission. (I am reminded here of my dad’s advice when making a to-do list: put down some things you’ve already done, so you don’t get immediately overwhelmed!)

We then moved on to talk about ways to encourage each other to mission. (Note that we didn’t really nail down a definition on this word, but we seemed to be talking about the same idea, that of “testifying to the hope that we have” in the context in which we find ourselves, rather than setting sail for Antarctica.) We came up with two ideas for Passion Fruit:

  1. Waypoints – We are already supposed to be doing these, and outreach has always been an element of them, we just need to make sure that they still keep happening
  2. Prayer diary – Some of us have kept prayer diaries in the past; the idea was mooted to introduce a Passion Fruit prayer diary to keep track of prayer topics, along with answered prayers

Although they might not seem like obvious missional ideas, our idea is to make sure that Passion Fruit has some concrete Good News to proclaim and give us some more stimulation for workplace (or church, or train, or airport, or …) conversations.


  1. I forgot to say that we also talked a little bit about “doing something” at the Scottish dance in 3 weeks, but I haven’t noted down any conclusion – apart from making sure we are at our most gospel-orientated for the occasion!

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