Posted by: richard | 10 February, 2010

Mission without compromise or fear

This week we looked at chapters 5 and 6 of Gospel-Centred Church, on the subject of ‘Mission without Compromise’ and ‘Mission without Fear’.

The first challenge was to consider how our ministry could be ‘contemporary, daring and Biblical’. The need for this was made clear when you think about the reach of existing forms of ministry. Our estimate was than in Maisons-Laffitte (25000 people) there might (optimistically) be 5 churches of 200 people, so 1000.  Assuming (very optimistically) that all the churchgoers are passionate Christians, then each would have to be reaching 25 people (with no overlap) for everyone in Maisons-Laffitte to be reached!  This is clearly not the case, so a high proportion of people will have practically no contact with the gospel.

The questions under ‘ideas for action’ on p31 are very much the issues that we are having to wrestle with now we are a smaller group. What is the appropriate way for Passion Fruit to engage in contemporary, daring and Biblical ways to reach beyond ourselves?  Please pray and meditate on this question.

The chapter on ‘Mission without fear’ – simply made the point that it is better to ‘take initiatives that fail’ than to ‘fail to take initiatives’.  I think we all agreed on this point.  Robbie asked ‘what would have happened if, in the parable of the talents, one servant invested big-time and lost it all?’ and we thought that the fact that that scenario isn’t considered is in itself a message!

So as Passion Fruit thinks about our next step – let’s have courage to try things, see what works and what doesn’t, and continue to let our Biblical reflections stir up our imagination for creative and contemporary ways of making disciples of all people…


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