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An inclusive community

Posted by: richard on 15 April, 2010

A persuasive community

Posted by: gillianbarratt on 31 March, 2010

The Priority of Community – The Church as an Extended Family

Posted by: gillianbarratt on 24 March, 2010

People – not programmes or buildings

Posted by: robbiexgibson on 18 March, 2010

People in partnership…enabled for service

Posted by: richard on 2 March, 2010

The Priority of people… people in relationships

Posted by: richard on 19 February, 2010

Mission without compromise or fear

Posted by: richard on 10 February, 2010

Mission, worship, and ghetto-busting!

Posted by: richard on 21 January, 2010

Mission for everyone!

Posted by: robbiexgibson on 14 January, 2010

Mission at the Centre?

Posted by: richard on 5 January, 2010